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High Quality Product & Commercial Photography

First and foremost, our photography is high quality. We have a three point color check process that ensures your colors are 98.7% true-to-life accurate, our images are large and can be used for both ecommerce and print advertising and we light fashion & product beautifully. In this modern day "photographers" are everywhere and happy to shoot product for extremely low rates. But, the old saying is truer than ever - you get what you pay for.  With rock bottom rates you often get flat light with overexposed backgrounds that create horrible halos around your product. It's cheap and easy ... and will lessen the product and your brand instantly. At Meagan West we light product individually and light it in the best way possible, creating a beautiful three dimensional item. This brings the consumer closer to the actual product and heightens the trustworthiness and prestige of your company. And comparatively speaking, we're not that much more expensive.

Affordable With No Usage Restrictions

Be careful out there! Some photographers have limited usage clauses in their contracts which requires you to pay more when you use the images more (for each instance of use on social media, in many cases). We treat photography as a product - you purchase the product and it's yours to use freely, until the end of time. We pride ourselves on being honest and straightforward. We have no contracts and no hidden fees. At our high level of quality, our base rates are extremely competitive and most reasonable. 

We're Ecommerce Experts

We work directly with leading ecommerce companies and we know what's going on in the online world and what can be done with your product to increase sales. We also understand the rapid pace of ecommerce and we offer super-fast turnaround time. We'll let you know in advance when we can have images to you. If it's a pure white background you need, our images are guaranteed to have a pure white background (r=255, g=255, b=255) with no harsh back or side light. All of our ecommerce images include clipping paths so you or your designers can replace the background in Photoshop within seconds, if you chose to do so.